Vestigium - A latin word meaining trace, vestige, mark (a moment , an instant) This series is based on the handwritten words of Sephora Berrebi and Shayla Mitchell.  I was graciously given access to intimate writings of both young women. I chose simple yet profound fragments, that jumped off the page, like a universal message to be shared. The choice of the blue and green palette is intended to evoke the elements of nature, plus blue and green were the favorite colors of Sephora and Shayla. Their words are no longer legible, it’s more about the energy read between the lines. 


The lives of Sephora and Shayla are linked by the brave battle they both fought and lost with cancer. However, they continue to connect and touch countless lives deeply through organizations which continue the fight in their name. I was not fortunate enough to know these young women during their lifetime, but thanks to their words and the openness of their families our worlds have intertwined in unique and powerful ways. 


My hope is that this work will create a new link or connection with the lives of these amazing young women, a celebration of their essence and inspiring spirits. The German poet Rilke wrote, “perhaps creating something is nothing but an act of profound remembrance”.

Selected works below.