SYNTHESIS: The unfolding in six movements

As an artist I seek to reveal connections. My process tells the story of the psychological, physical and emotional links that connect us to the past, present and future. The result of my work is abstract, but it always starts with something concrete. I remove what seems superfluous and deconstruct to uncover the delicate, interconnected essence of all things. There are threads or ties that bind us, but they can also be unraveled or severed.


The catalyst for the Synthesis project was an arresting observation I made of a twisted duvet, early one morning in the midst of a fraying marriage.  I stood frozen in the bedroom in front of this spectacle for what seemed like hours, until the morning rush thawed me into action. Before leaving the room, however, I grabbed my phone and took a photo.


“It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see”, wrote Henry David Thoreau. For the next 364 days, I was continually mesmerized by how the duvet revealed the messiness of life and its complex questions. The sinuous folds of the duvet recalled the endless folding movements of existence: wrinkled bodies, ripples on water and geological folds. I began researching and reading about the ideas of folds, and how and why things fold and unfold in nature. 

Small selection of works below.